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Welcome to the 19th edition of the GeoIT Talks! This time we are hosted by our member BeaconInside in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.

We start on Monday, the 10th of September at 19h as usual.

Cornelius Rabsch, CEO BeaconInside, will give us an impression about the startup enviroment and their indoor domain.

Joseph Leigh, Head of indoor venue maps, HERE Technologies, will talk about mapping everything, indoors and outdoors.

Our member Ed Freyfogle, London/Barcelona, entrepreneur, investor and organizer of the similar event Geomob London ( https://geomobldn.org/ ) will contribute with another talk from his very profiled and insided view and perspective.

Autonomous Driving is another major topic in our field. The move of Baidu Apollo (http://apollo.auto) to develop and release an open source software and hardware reference is exciting and needs some discussion. Therefore Prof. Roland Wagner present these sources and like to discuss them together with you.

As always we will have a get-together for networking and personal direct talks in the breaks and after the talks.

If you like to give an anouncement or to contribute in another way, let us know.

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